Monday night football game predictions

Monday night football game predictions

Week 1 at Carolina Panthers

What Panther besides Christian McCaffrey truly scares you? Raiders are the better team.

Add one sentence at the end: Raiders start the 2020 off with win.

Prediction: Win

Week 2 vs. New Orleans Saints (Monday Night Football)

The NFL does the Raiders no favors in their Allegiant Stadium debut. One of the NFL’s elite teams comes to Las Vegas at a point so early in the season that they should be at or nearly at full strength.

Not sure the Silver and Black have an answer for Michael Thomas. It’s a tough break the league couldn’t have given the Raiders a layup in their home opener.

Prediction: Loss

Week 3 at New England Patriots

The Patriots might be down without Tom Brady, but they’re never out. That defense is still darn good, and that’s a long way to travel to battle in a tough place to play.

Prediction: Loss

Week 4 vs. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a tough team ready to overtake New England atop the AFC East, but Josh Allen can be had. We’re saying the Raiders play some disciplined defense and squeak out the team’s first home win at Allegiant Stadium.

Prediction: Win

Week 5 at Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead will continue to be the Raiders’ house of horrors until they (and quarterback Derek Carr) prove otherwise.

Prediction: Loss

Week 6: BYE

Doesn’t the bye week always come at the right time? Even if it doesn’t, players and coaches are bound to say it will.

Week 7 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday Night Football)

The Raiders flirted some with Tom Brady this offseason but were never going to land him. Now they’ll see him in primetime, with Gronk, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on his side for what should be a highly anticipated showdown.

You think they’ll show replays of the Tuck Rule game in a nationally televised game? That’s salt in the wound. So will be the ‘L’ Brady hands out.

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