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Get NASCAR picks for today’s race including analysis and NASCAR betting advice from expert NASCAR handicappers. Get our NASCAR predictions for this week below.

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NASCAR Picks Today & NASCAR Predictions For This Week

On any given week, there are about 40 different racers that can bring home the profit with a NASCAR win. For bettors, that’s 40 some chances to pick the winner, but a whole bevy of other NASCAR expert picks are available as a way to make money.

There are talks that NASCAR as a whole is starting to lose popularity. With NASCAR expert picks though it’s ‘start your engines’ the steps towards building that bankroll are just getting started.

What is NASCAR Betting?

NASCAR picks today can best be described as very similar to a horse race. You’re not only betting on the jockey (driver) but also the horse (car) as well as trainer (racing team). Then you also have to take into account track size, track type, weather, and more.

The most popular form of NASCAR betting is a pretty straightforward wager to pick the winner. Certain drivers have performed well over the recent weeks which thus lowers their odds for continuing that success.

Other drivers may have struggled recently, but have a plethora of top 10 finishes at a certain track which will also lower their odds. Drivers who are struggling and can’t keep to keep their old jalopy on the track offer the highest odds and thus the best return on investment – if the NASCAR picks come through.

Types of NASCAR Expert Picks

The most popular of the NASCAR predictions are which driver will win the race, but that’s far from the only way to win money on a race. NASCAR picks are also available for futures bets on which driver will win the Cup at the end of the season.

It’s hard to pinpoint NASCAR predictions this week on which driver will win outright because there are 40+ drivers in the field and a ton of variable to sift through like wrecks, caution flags, pit time, etc. One way to limit the field but still make NASCAR wagering exciting is by betting on driver matchups. This type of NASCAR pick is selecting the win between one driver or the other. People are very loyal towards their drivers and this type of one-on-one bet is a nice way to bet that ‘my guy is better than your guy.

Depending on the sportsbook, other NASCAR picks to bet on may include fastest qualifier, fastest lap, or podium finish (top 10). Prop bets are also available every weekend for NASCAR picks and may include what auto maker wins the race, whether there will be a wreck, number of finishers, etc.

NASCAR Betting Strategy

Much like other sports betting types, finding the NASCAR picks winners depends a lot on recent performance. Momentum and confidence are a big part of winning teams (even in racing) and the more success you have recently the better your chances for it to continue.

There are also driver stats to consider to have the best chances of winning NASCAR predictions. You can find data for every driver as it relates to results at a certain track, a track type, laps led, average finish, top 5’s, top 10’s, etc.

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