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NBA Betting Apps for 2020

Getting your hoops action on the go is now easier than ever thanks to a myriad of top NBA betting apps to choose from. No longer are you stuck sitting at your desktop or having to go to the sportsbook or casino to get your NBA bets in. But which apps should you choose and how do you get started?

Below, we have a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the best NBA betting apps available on the market. Cut that ball and chain and start getting into the real money betting action from anywhere and everywhere.

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These are just some of the best NBA betting apps that are currently out there. We have an extensive vetting process that allows us to dive deep into these apps to make sure that they are truly the best for you. We also keep an updated list of more current app standings that are best-suited to use throughout the year. You can check out those rankings below:

Best NBA Betting Apps

  • BetNow – Variety of Bonus Options
  • MyBookie – Unmatched Customer Service and Quality
  • XBet – Fast Payout and Variety of Banking Options
  • BetOnline – Large Amount of Betting Options
  • – Over 25 Sports to Bet on

Choosing to use apps for betting on the NBA not only delivers more convenience, but it also delivers better opportunities for you to win big. Let’s take a quick look at the perks of using NBA betting apps over betting in person and why we’re confident we’ve suggested the top options.

The Perks of Using an App vs. Betting at the Casino

  • The convenience of not having to drive to the casino or sportsbook to place your bets and to cash your tickets
  • Never miss getting a NBA bet in because of traffic, trouble finding a parking spot, or a line inside the sportsbook
  • Always have access to the best lines as you can check lines 24/7 without having to camp out at the casino hoping for a line change in your favor
  • More betting options as the best NBA apps don’t have to limit the action they can offer thanks to technology

Why These Suggested Betting Apps Are the Best

Security, Safety, and Trust

These are the safest NBA betting apps on the market. The companies have gone above and beyond, building a secure portal for you to get your real money action. They’ve dedicated the necessary amount of resources, hired the right people, and implemented the proper protocols to keep you safe. A track record of this has elevated their worth in our minds and should put you at ease.

Bonuses and Rewards

When betting on basketball online through an app, you should be rewarded for your loyalty and action. If you’re not getting taken care of for your betting action, you’ve come to the right place. All of the NBA betting apps we recommend have extensive and lucrative bonuses and rewards programs. Whether you’re new, old, a big bettor, or a small player, you will be taken care of.

User Friendliness

Simply put, these apps are easy to use. Betting on the NBA is not supposed to be hard. Picking winners may be a challenge, but getting your real money bets in should be simple. All of the top basketball betting apps here have done a magical job of shrinking down the betting options and betting interface to fit on your mobile device. Not only do you get the convenience of having live NBA betting action in your pocket anywhere you go, but you get the convenience of a user-friendly interface.

Types of NBA Bets You Can Make

When betting on the NBA through an app, you have access to every type of bet imaginable. All the wager types you’re used to in the casino or sportsbook are available at your fingertips. Additionally, you’ll see expanded options for prop bets and more. The top NBA betting apps know that not only is convenience important to you, but the ability to bet on whatever you want is also important. Rest assured, you won’t miss out on any action by cutting the cord and switching to mobile.

Some of the NBA bets you’ll be able to make include:

iOS Compatibility

When you use NBA betting apps, it’s important to ensure they are compatible with your operating system. If you use an Apple device, this means you need an iOS basketball betting app. Thanks to Apple being one of the largest companies in the world, most of the top NBA betting apps are built for iOS first and everyone else second.

All of the apps recommended on this page are fully compatible with the iOS system. Additionally, they are regularly updated to be current with all iOS operating systems. If you’re looking for an iPhone NBA betting app or an iPad NBA betting app, you’ve come to the right place.

Android Compatibility

Sometimes, Android doesn’t get the love it deserves from app developers. Thankfully, the top NBA betting apps don’t agree with that. They’ve created their software to be 100% compatible with all Android systems. What’s great is they didn’t just make them compatible, but they went above and beyond and optimized them for Androids.

Every NBA betting app listed on this page is 100% compatible with your Android device. If you’re too cool for Apple (or just like quality), you’ll be good to go with any of the top options recommended here.

NBA Betting Apps – FAQ

Do I Have to Download Anything to Bet Real Money on the NBA?

Yes and no. If you’re someone who likes to use dedicated apps, you will need to download some for betting on NBA. But you can also select websites that have developed mobile-friendly platforms. With these, you just have to visit the website from your mobile device, and you’ll have full access. It’s up to you to decide which is best for you. For the basketball betting apps recommended on this page, you will need to download them.

Are NBA Betting Apps Really Safe?

They are. The only thing faster than the growing threats on the web are the people working hard to stay out in front of them. All of the best basketball apps we recommend work hard to keep you safe. They have the right people hired, the right processes in place, and have expended an adequate number of resources to keep you safe. As long as you stick with one of the safest NBA betting apps we’ve already vetted, you’ll be all set.

Do I Have to Have the Latest Version of iOS to Use NBA Betting Apps?

Usually not. Most of the top NBA betting apps know that people can be slow to get their systems upgraded. They’ll usually tweak the programs to work with as many of the different operating system updates as possible. Eventually, there will come a time you need to update if you’re using an iOS system from years ago.

Do These NBA Betting Apps Work on Android?

They do! We make sure never to forget to show the love for Android users. All of the top NBA betting apps recommended here are not only built to handle Android customers, but they are optimized to offer the best service possible.

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