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Like other sports leagues, the NBA has felt the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With just over a month left in the 2019-20 regular season, the NBA announced on March 11 it would be suspending play until further notice. The possibility remains for the remainder of the season and playoffs still to take place, although much remains up in the air at present.

Below are the odds for NBA Finals winners from when play was suspended. Be sure to check back here for updates when schedule changes are announced.

NBA futures odds 2020

NBA futures report: March

The Favorites

Milwaukee Bucks (+240): Those expecting a dropoff from the Bucks after the all-star break were once again denied when Milwaukee turned in a total team effort to beat the Raptors in Toronto. The Bucks have a +19 net rating over their last 5 wins, have already clinched a playoff spot, and are on pace for an NBA record +12.3 PPG differential. The buy-low window on their postseason prospects has closed, as they’re now ahead of both L.A. teams in the Futures market. That makes sense considering Milwaukee has a 41% chance of making the finals per (538) and a 19% chance to win it all according to that model.

Los Angeles Lakers (+300): The Lakers slipped up against the Grizzlies to take only their second road loss all season against a WCF team. When motivated, this team has handled business against the top teams in the league. WIth a 91.7 defensive rating in “clutch time” since the ASB, the Lakers are showing why they have a blueprint to win tough WCF games.

Los Angeles Clippers (+333): When they’re fully healthy, the Clippers have essentially been unbeatable. Their latest exhibit was a 30-point thrashing of Denver, followed by another high-scoring output to dispatch the shorthanded Sixers. Per 538, the Clippers have a lower chance than the Bucks to make the finals (39%) but have a 22% chance to win the title.

The Contenders

Houston Rockets (+1200): Only the Bucks have a better net rating than the Rockets (14.9) since the ASB and Houston leads the NBA with a 120.7 offensive rating over those 5 contests. Their small ball experiment is working for now, but will it work over the course of a playoff series against the sizable Lakers or Clippers? The folks at 538 seem to think so with the Rockets currently projected ahead of the Lakers in odds to win the WCF (29%) and the finals (18%).

Boston Celtics (+1800): The Celtics odds are on the rise along with the play of Jayson Tatum, the presumptive ECF Player of the Month after dropping 30-plus points in 4 straight to end February. If Kemba Walker (knee) gets back to full speed soon, the Celtics will likely enter the ECF playoffs as the biggest threat to Milwaukee.

Denver Nuggets (+2000): Mike Malone claims he can’t find minutes for Michael Porter Jr., a great two-way rookie who seemed to spark Denver in January. The Nuggets defense has plummeted lately with the fifth-worst rating (117.8) since the ASB and MPJ could definitely help on that end of the floor. But you can’t expect an inexperienced wing to swing a playoff series against the top honchos in the West.

Toronto Raptors (+2000): The defending champs were on an incredible run leading into the ASB, but came back to earth with a loss to the Bucks and then stewed in that funk while somehow losing at home to the Hornets. Toronto’s record against teams with records .500 or better is an uninspiring 10-13 and they’re 8-6 in games decided by one possession or in overtime.

Biggest Movers

Philadelphia 76ers (+2500): The Sixers have seen the biggest drop over the past couple weeks from +1400 to +2500 at DK Sportsbook. With Ben Simmons (back) out indefinitely and Joel Embiid (shoulder) out at least a week, Philly is looking more vulnerable than ever. They already have the seventh-worst net rating (-5.9) with a 9-21 record on the road, so a deep playoff run seems unlikely.

Miami Heat (+2500): Adding Andre Iguodala hasn’t done much for chemistry and Miami’s recent slide has caused their odds to drop from +2000 to +2500 at DK Sportsbook. With the worst net rating (-26.5) in the NBA during fourth quarters since the ASB, questions abound when looking at how the Heat might perform in close playoff games.

Utah Jazz (+2500): Only the Wolves have a worse defensive rating than the Jazz (120.6) since the ASB. Utah has gone through some wild swings this season with two poor runs sandwiched by a 19-2 stretch. That league-best streak mostly came against bad teams, though, and Utah is just 10-14 against teams with winning records. Their odds could have dropped further than this after going 1-4 out of the break.

NBA futures betting 101

The NBA regular season is an 82-game marathon that encompasses nearly eight full months. The playoffs consist of quarterfinal, semifinal and final-round series in both the Eastern and Western Conference. The final team standing from each conference meet in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

Prior to the start of the postseason, bettors can place wagers on a variety of playoff-related outcomes.

NBA futures bets function like futures bets in other sports. They’re typically based on an end-of-season outcome. Futures bets are usually made available on both the team- and player-level.

Prior to the start of a season, team-level futures could include a wager on the minimum number of wins a team will win in that season or whether a team will win its division or conference.

Player-level futures include whether a player will win the MVP, Rookie of the Year or Sixth Man of the Year awards, for example. Other player-level futures are based on whether a player will reach certain benchmarks in common statistical categories such as points, three-point shots, rebounds or assists for the season.

Where do I find futures bets in an online sportsbook?

In an online sportsbook, available futures wagers are typically found under their own tab as a subcategory of wagers available for a particular sport. Like the odds for other bet types, futures bets are typically labeled with a number that has a “plus” or “minus” sign next to it.

In the case of futures bets, a “minus” sign would be placed next to a team or player that has a higher probability of reaching the statistical goal. Teams or players with a “plus” sign are considered by oddsmakers to have a lesser chance of reaching that goal. The higher the number next to the plus sign signifies the lower the probability the team or player achieves it.

For example, the Golden State Warriors entered the 2018-19 season as the overwhelming favorites and had a “minus” sign next to their odds of winning a third consecutive championship since prior to the season. When the playoffs began they were listed as “-210” in terms of their odds of emerging from the upcoming postseason as the top team. That signifies that a bettor would have to wager $210 to win $100 if he or she was putting money on the Warriors winning it all.

It’s also important to note that futures odds for both players and teams can certainly fluctuate throughout the course of a season.

Say a star such as Steph Curry had suffered a season-ending injury at some point during the regular season. Golden State’s odds of winning the championship would have naturally decreased dramatically as a result.

In such an instance, bettors may have seen those futures odds go from -210 to +210, for example. That means that a bettor still wishing to place a wager on Golden State to win at that point would have instead won $210 for every $100 bet, instead of having to wager $210 to win $100.

Best NBA betting sites

Common questions regarding wagering on the NBA Finals

Where can I bet on the NBA Finals in the US?

Bettors can currently bet on the NBA Finals in the U.S. at a regulated sportsbook in one of the following states:

Who is the favorite to win the NBA Championship in 2020?

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the NBA offseason as the betting favorite to win the 2020 NBA title, but that changed on July 6 when Kawhi Leonard revealed that he would sign with the Clippers. Paul George is also joining Leonard on the Clippers following a trade with Oklahoma City. The Clips are now the betting favorite to tin the 2019-20 NBA title. Be sure to follow for updated futures odds all year long.

When does the 2019-20 NBA season start?

The regular season began in October 2019.

When do the NBA finals start?

The NBA Finals are expected to begin in late May 2020.

Where can I get NBA betting tips?

Start with our own 6-part NBA betting series right here:

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