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NFL Confidence Pool Picks

NFL Confidence Pool Picks: Week 17

I’ve received requests to make selections for Confidence Pools. I’ll offer those picks each week. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

If you’re unfamiliar with confidence pools, you select each team to win, straight up, and you assign point values for how confident you are that each team will win. For example, the team you’re most confident in will get 16 points (if there are 16 games), then the next team will get 15, and so on.

Here are my confidence picks for Week 17:

16. New England Patriots

15. New Orleans Saints

14. Green Bay Packers

13. Kansas City Chiefs

12. Dallas Cowboys

11. Philadelphia Eagles

10. Seattle Seahawks

9. Los Angeles Rams

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

7. New York Jets

6. Indianapolis Colts

5. Tennessee Titans

4. Denver Broncos

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Chicago Bears

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 16 was solid, outside of the Seattle (No. 14) loss. It was the first triple-digit week in a while, so let’s try for another.

The Patriots, Saints, Packers and Chiefs have to be the obvious top choices. If you’re wondering why the Seahawks are so high, I have them listed as a big play on my NFL Picks page.

Points in Week 1: 85/136
Points in Week 2: 99/136
Points in Week 3: 110/136
Points in Week 4: 56/120
Points in Week 5: 78/120
Points in Week 6: 82/105
Points in Week 7: 86/105
Points in Week 8: 120/120
Points in Week 9: 67/105
Points in Week 10: 40/91
Points in Week 11: 85/105
Points in Week 12: 87/105
Points in Week 13: 65/136
Points in Week 14: 74/136
Points in Week 15: 83/136
Points in Week 16: 101/136

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

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