Nfl picks and predictions week 1

Week 1 NFL picks, predictions

With no disrespect to the highly anticipated 2019 NFL season-opener, a game in which the Bears will host the Packers on a Thursday night to kick off the league’s 100th year, many consider the first Sunday of a given NFL season to be the most exciting day on the football calendar.

Such eagerness is the result of a seven-month buildup capped by an increasingly excessive preseason. NFL teams, players and fans alike are ready for real games that will begin to shape the 2019 season. For half of the league, the elation of a new year will be met with the optimism associated with a season-opening win. Teams that lose in Week 1, of course, will be sent back to the drawing board immediately in an effort to avoid the dreaded 0-2 record.

The 2019 season begins with familiar contenders jostling for position atop the league. The final four teams from last season – the Patriots, Rams, Chiefs and Saints – are the top four teams in Sporting News’ Week 1 NFL power rankings. Closely behind them is the Cowboys, the team SN picked to win Super Bowl 54.

The long road to that game is about to begin for Dallas and the 31 teams hoping to prove us wrong in our prediction. So, on the subject of predictions, here are our picks for Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season, from the season-opener in Chicago all the way through the now-traditional “Monday Night Football” doubleheader on ESPN.

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