Nfl preseason betting tips

NFL Preseason Betting Tips: 7 Profitable Strategies for Week 1

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Detroit Lions linebacker Eli Harold (57) sacks New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12)

  • Betting on the NFL preseason provides an opportunity to build your bankroll before the regular season kicks off.
  • Follow these seven tips to a profitable 2019 preseason.

It has been 179 days since NFL bettors have been able to wager on a game. That streak will end on Thursday when the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos kickoff the preseason in the Hall of Fame Game (8 p.m. ET, NBC).

It is not regular season football, but still draws plenty of betting attention. Some will disparage gamblers who get down on NFL preseason games, even call them degenerates. But smart bettors understand these exhibition games are an opportunity to build their bankrolls for the regular season.

With that in mind, here are seven tips for betting on the NFL preseason.

NFL Preseason Betting Tips

1. Fade the Public

Betting against the public is a popular strategy in other sports and it has proven profitable in NFL preseason games. Here are the results of fading the public since 2004 using data from Bet Labs:

NFL preseason games are not heavily bet, at least not compared to regular season contests. As a result, lopsided action will cause oddsmakers to adjust the lines. If the betting lines move too much this can lead to value betting against the public.

2. Know Your Coaches

Every coach has a different approach to the preseason. Some treat these exhibition contests as extended practices with an opportunity to evaluate talent and install new plays. Others try to create a culture of winning and will pay attention to the scoreboard.

Understanding a coach’s mindset entering a preseason game can give bettors an edge. Here are the most and least profitable active coaches in our database.

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