Nfl week 10 2020 picks

Here Are the First 10 NFL Picks in the First Round of the Draft

Joe Burrow was selected as the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

It’s official: the top 10 2020 NFL prospects have been drafted.

Thursday marked round one of the first-ever fully virtual NFL Draft, with top college players participating by video to find out whether they would be making the leap to the NFL.

Players video chatted into the draft — which was broadcast on ESPN, NFL Network and ABC — as they were selected, kicking off with the number one pick Joe Burrow.

The first 10 players drafted were as follows:

1. Joe Burrow to the Cincinnati Bengals
2. Chase Young to the Washington Redskins
3. Jeff Okudah to the Detroit Lions
4. Andrew Thomas to the New York Giants
5. Tua Tagovailoa to the Miami Dolphins
6. Justin Herbert to the Los Angeles Chargers
7. Derrick Brown to the Carolina Panthers
8. Isaiah Simmons to the Arizona Cardinals
9. C.J. Henderson to the Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Jedrick Wills to the Cleveland Browns

Ahead of the draft, both Young and Okudah — the first and second picks — spoke to PEOPLE about their expectations for joining the NFL.

“The more I’ve thought about it, it’s just … I’m just really excited to get a chance to be in the NFL,” Okudah told PEOPLE while opening up about his big moment being altered due to coronavirus. “It’s one of my dreams, so just to watch it come true, be around people that I love the most. I think you can just look at it like that, I can really see it as a blessing in disguise, for real.”

Echoed Young, “I’m still jacked up because my name is going to get called, regardless of anything.”

“I remember, when I was young looking at just people getting drafted, the first picks, and I told my mom, ‘I want to be the first pick one day, a first-rounder,’ and now that’s coming to light,” he continued. “It’s just, it’s surreal, man. I can’t … Just like it’s hard to put it in words.”

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