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Pickwatch Week 10 – NFL Expert Picks in one Place

If you’re a regular user of Pickwatch, you’ll have noticed some changes recently. With the addition of Pickwatch Phil & Gwil, I’ve had a little more time to develop some features that were promised earlier in the season

If you’re a regular user of Pickwatch, you’ll have noticed some changes recently. With the addition of Pickwatch Phil & Gwil, I’ve had a little more time to develop some features that were promised earlier in the season. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and what is coming in the future.

First up, as always – check out week 10’s picks here. For new visitors, this page updates every day from Wednesday onwards with expert picks from around the NFL. If you spot that someone has changed their pick, let us know here.

Team by Team Picks

This is – for me – our most valuable resource and something I have worked hard to get on the site over the last few weeks, with some help from Pickwatch Gwil.

In essence, what we are showing is how well an expert picks at home and on the road. If you were picking say, the Eagles, Would you listen to an expert who had managed to pick just one Eagles game correctly all season? No, of course you wouldn’t, because that would likely be worse than flipping a coin.

So now every time you’re stuck for a pick and can’t make your mind up, check out who has the best record picking the teams involved, both at home and on the road. Here are the links to the pages:


At the request of a few users, we will be incorporating the ‘consensus pick’ that appears at the bottom of our weekly picks page into the overall standings.


You can find past Pickwatch weekly pages here. Please be aware it is under construction and some of the data may not be perfect as it has not been updated with some of the corrections that our overall standings and other features have. A full update of all pages will be done soon.


We get a huge amount of suggestions from fans across the world. We want to accommodate all of those suggestions, while retaining the overall ethos that this is a free place where you can get a lot of information. As such, here’s what we have in store for the rest of the season and beyond.


This is far and away the most requested feature and one we are working on as a priority now. It may be available as early as Week 11, but due to the nature of collating the information, we won’t be able to offer the same level of detail found in the ‘straight up’ picks. We will however, endeavour to get as much information as possible in by the end of the season, with a fuller ATS section in place for next year.

One thing with ATS is that there are a whole bunch of guys handicapping out there, and to incorporate them all would be difficult. Not only that, but many of them post picks and tips from behind a paywall, meaning that it’s very difficult to verify them even if we wanted to.

That’s basically my way of saying that we don’t.

So In the main, we’ll still try to keep our ‘experts’ in the field of football, rather than ‘gambling’

Even if that’s what many of you do with the information.


Without doubt this season has far exceeded expectations, and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site seem to see something useful in what we provide. That’s great and we love that you love us, so how about we give you something back?

From next year we will be moving the website off Blogger and to a dedicated hosting plan that will allow far greater interaction with the site. Blogger is great, but we are outgrowing it and working around limitations with the software.

One of the things this will allow is for users to submit their own picks for comparison with the experts, and we’ll even offer cash prizes to those who win the public pool. There’ll also be a pay-in Survivor pool, weekly spot prizes and the chance to enter a paid league with a prize fund dictated by how many people sign up. Obviously this being a free site, the total could vary wildly, but I’m hopeful given the amount of regular users, that many of you will enter these leagues.

To this end, I’ll be setting up a mailing list in the next few weeks to get email addresses so that we can remind people how to enter before week 1 of next year. We’ll be advertising all through the summer to generate more interest, so spread the word and everyone benefits. The bigger the prize fund, the more regular the weekly spot prizes.


A few people have come to us offering help designing apps, however it is best that we design and incorporate our own work into the website. The plan is – for now – to allow users to make their picks, check them throughout the games and check where they rank in our leagues through the app. It’ll likely come with a very small charge, however we think it’ll be a great way of interacting with the site.


The site looks fine, it does the job and I believe the text/color format makes it easier to analyse trends, spot anomalies etc. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that it is very basic. It’s basically DUPLO and we want LEGO.

Again, with that in mind, the site will be getting overhauled in the spring with new age graphical features straight from the future. It will – hopefully – be a big improvement and be unobtrusive and logical. For example, a mouse-over that tells you who won a game, new fancy graphics and possibly some form of ray gun.

More importantly with all that, we want the tables to reflect the data YOU want to see. To that end, we’re going to make it possible to ‘find a pick’ by the criteria you want, and we’re going to add plenty of bells and whistles to improve your experience when using Pickwatch.

With all of that to come, it’s important to remember that the ethos of Pickwatch will never change. We’ll continue to call experts out when they pick both teams – as Keyshawn Johnson did last week – and we’ll always keep the site free and the ads minimal. It just works.

As always, thanks for your support, follow us on twitter, send us an email, or even just shout really loudly at the sky and hope we hear. Whatever works for you, I’m good.

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