Nfl week 11 picks and predictions

Week 11 NFL picks, predictions

Another week of NFL picks and predictions, another schedule packed full of games that might as well be considered toss-ups.

In Week 11, only two games opened with double-digit point spreads. So in terms of feeling comfortable with our picks, we like the Vikings over the Broncos, the 49ers over the Cardinals and the Raiders over the Bengals. Predicting the other 11 games with accuracy this week will require some luck.

Even teams like the Saints (5 1/2-point road favorites over the Bucs) and Chiefs (3 1/2-point favorites over the Chargers) can’t be considered easy picks, as both of those teams proved last week. New Orleans is one of four road favorites this week, joining Dallas, Buffalo and New England against Detroit, Miami and Philadelphia, respectively.

Here are our Week 11 NFL picks straight up, all the way through the Monday night game in Mexico City.

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