Nfl weekly picks straight up

NFL Week 11 Picks and Predictions

By The Big Lead | Nov 17 2019

Who’s ready to make some money? If you’ve been following The Big Lead team all season, you should be in the positive. That’s because all of our panel members are at or above .500 now, except Liam McKeone, who did have a 5-4-1 performance in Week 10. Brian Giuffra and Bobby Burack were also were above .500 last week, while Stephen Douglas led the way at 6-3-1. Ryan Glasspiegel and Ryan Phillips went 4-5-1. Here’s who we like in Week 12 based on spreads taken from Westgate Sportsbook on Tuesday.

Season Record: Ryan Glasspiegel 53-45-1; Stephen Douglas 52-46-1; Bobby Burack 51-46-1; Brian Giuffra 46-42-1; Ryan Phillips 49-49-1; Liam McKeone 40-58-1.

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