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The competition in Hockey Ultimate Team™ makes it NHL® 19’s most played mode, as players build their fantasy rosters and go up against opponents both offline and online. With boundless ways to have fun while collecting thousands of player items from leagues around the hockey world, it can be hard to know where to start. From creating your team to testing your skills in competitive online game modes, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy everything HUT has to offer, which is why we’ve put together a guide on where to begin. Lace up your skates and get started with these tips for ruling Hockey Ultimate Team.

Hockey Ultimate Team allows you to create a fantasy roster with players from the NHL and other leagues from around the world, which you can use in various games and challenges. Collecting player items to make your team stronger in competition will be your focus throughout the year, as you’ll be able to build your roster with a combination of today’s superstars, top prospects, and over 200 NHL Legend and Alumni players. Before we take a look at how to acquire powerful players for your team, let’s make sure the basics are covered for when you first enter HUT.

Create Your Team

When entering Hockey Ultimate Team for the first time, you’ll be asked to provide a name along with a three letter abbreviation for your team. Once you’ve picked a name, a Starter Pack will be presented to you, containing enough items to fill out your lines for the first time. You’ll also receive a 90 overall Markus Naslund Loan Item that can be used in your lineup for up to 10 games.

The starter pack contains jerseys, a logo, and an arena based on the club you selected as your favorite team. You can find more jerseys, logos, and arenas in the auction house available to bid on or outright buy with HUT coins. HUT coins can be used in a number of different ways, most notably for packs that contain more items for your team, and the best part is you’ll earn them simply by playing.

Playing Offline and Earning Rewards

Now that your team is ready to get going, head into the “Play vs CPU” menu, where you can compete in HUT Challenges to earn more HUT coins. HUT Challenges will present you with certain tasks to complete while playing against CPU-controlled teams, and the more requirements you meet, the better your reward will be. More challenges will unlock as the overall rating of your team grows, which happens as you acquire better player items.

Objectives and Milestones are other great opportunities to earn coins and player items in the rewarding environment of offline HUT game modes. Objectives will reward you with HUT items, packs, and coins for completing tasks throughout the year in HUT. Some examples of Objectives include winning games, scoring a certain number of goals, or completing Sets. Every day there will be new Daily Objectives for you to complete, along with Progression Objectives that you’ll work towards throughout your experience in HUT.

Milestones are long-term tasks with fantastic rewards that you’ll work towards as you progress in HUT. With rewards that include Legends, Loan items, coins, and more, Milestones give you goals to chase throughout the year with massive payoffs upon completing them. The best part is, everything you do in offline HUT Challenges will count towards completing Objectives and Milestones.

Another great way to earn more powerful player items in HUT is through completing Sets. Trade in the required items listed in each individual Set to earn a variety of rewards, from Loan Items to Legend Items that will make your team even more powerful.

Once you feel you’ve built a solid team and had a chance to practice playing with them in offline modes, it’s time to head into Online Seasons and compete against other dream teams. Go to the “Play Online” tab and select Online Seasons, where you’ll be placed into a game against someone in division 10. You’ll have to rack up points by beating opponents to advance to the next divisions, so you can rest assured that your opponents in division 10 will be of a similar skill level.

Competitive Seasons are another great place to hone your skills, earn new pieces for your team, and become a dominant HUT player. Event Seasons give you the opportunity to compete in a limited time tournament where rewards are handed out to those who finish high on the leader boards. If you win the division 1 title in Online Seasons, then you’ll be eligible to compete against the best of the best in HUT Champions, where rewards for top players are substantial.

Adding more talent to your roster is a great way to improve your abilities in HUT, and there are many ways to do that this year. Opening packs with the coins you’ve earned, completing Sets, and playing in online competition are the best ways to add talent to your roster. In NHL 19, play, earn, and build your way to becoming a top player in the HUT community.

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