Ok google vegas insider

Ok google vegas insider

See what insiders are buying, earlier than everybody else!

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Insider behavior matters because research based on real-time signals has shown that a properly modeled picture of insider actions can provide the most accurate reflection of the prospects for the company, industry, economic sector, or even the stock market in general, going forward.

This makes perfect sense from an intuitive perspective. Corporate insiders possess all the necessary skills and characteristics that one could use to describe the “successful” investor. These include: A deep knowledge and understanding of the company and/or industry; A demonstrated ability to produce success; The training necessary to understand risk and to control it; The wherewithal (capital) to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself and finally; A tendency to go against the crowd.

In general, insider buys are more useful. Since insiders have exclusive information on the company performance, if they are risking their own money on the stock, usually they should have good reasons, especially when several insiders buy the stock at the same time.

A sample strategy can be entering a trade with more than three insider buys in five days and exiting the trade either if there is any insider sell or after one month. Below are some sample trades:

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