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Best Formations and Tactics Online Soccer Manager 2018

Online Soccer Manager Tips and Tricks – Today I want to share some tips for you Online Soccer Manager player. I want to discuss the best tactics and formations to win the match.

Because the name of the game is Online “Soccer Manager”, so the key to win is experiment formations and tactics.

For you who new to this game, I want to give you some of my best tactics and formations that you can use in the game.

Ok, first you must know what team do you handle.

A strong team like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. ?

An underdog team like Newcastle, Swansea, Carpi etc. ?

Usually, the strong team (the team that targeting between 1 until 3 positions) using attacking formation such as 433A/B, 442A/B and many else.

While the underdog team/weak team, often use defensive formation such as 451, 4231, 5311 etc.

But there is a possibility of strong teams can use defensive tactics if needed, as well as underdogs who can use attack tactics.

Because there are many formations in Online Soccer Manager, I have 2 formations that I like the most.

The formation is 443B and 4231.

443B can be used for attacking and 4231 for defend.

Push Forward with 433B

I’m using this 433B formation, if I manage a big team like Chelsea, Barcelona, PSG etc. or when I play at home and enemy is weaker than my team.

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