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Is Maddensnap for you ?

Maddensnap is a wager league, not a service. Players on Maddensnap are not customers, they are members. The bylaws define the environment, the referees enforce the bylaws. The referees are ranked by levels, each level is capable of addressing certain concerns. This is a platform designed for mature adults that are patient and understand that in the real world adults have real responsibilities. You will not find an unlimited amount of players ready to play, every time you want to play, that’s not realistic here. This is not Xbox live or PSN where it’s millions of players across the globe available at all times.

If matches are not immediately available when you’re ready, you have to use the resources that Maddensnap provides to arrange matches. Maddensnap provides a chat environment, a roster pm system, schedule system, emails and phone notifications. These resources are in place so that games can be scheduled when need be. Sometimes players will be available in chat sometimes they won’t but ALL players are notified about a scheduled date you set.

Maddensnap does not want free money from you, before you deposit take the free opportunity to simply observe the chat and explore the options, this allows you to determine if Maddensnap is a wager league you want to be a part of.

There are no refunds, this is not a store, you can only withdraw. You are given ample opportunity to observe without depositing. If you deposit and you request a withdraw without playing at least one time, there is a $5 fee, that’s all to it, no ifs, ands, or buts this is fair notice. So please, immature, impatient, childish players do not waste your time by registering.

The tone of this information is strict, indicative of a wager league, again players on Maddensnap are members, not customers. Nevertheless, Maddensnap takes your money seriously and puts forth all efforts to separate immature, dishonest or disruptive individuals from serious mature players.

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