Order to pick players in fantasy football

9 Exciting Ways to Determine Your Fantasy Football Draft Order

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: West Region players celebrate after beating the Asia-Pacific Region 3-0 during the Little League World Series Championship at Howard J. Lamade Stadium.

  • Is your fantasy football league in need of new fun and innovative ways to determine your draft order each season?
  • Here are nine unique ways to spice up setting your fantasy football draft order.

Fantasy football drafts are awesome. It’s why we spend entire summers reading, researching and ranking for what ultimately ends up as just one day of the entire fantasy season.

And while the selection of players is certainly thrilling, there’s more to drafts that make them so fun and exciting as well — like spending time with friends and family, talking trash over adult beverages and ragging every pick made.

But before the draft even takes place, most leagues need to determine the draft order for that season. In my personal league, which I’ve been running for more than 15 years, we’ve simply pulled names out of a hat to set the order.

However, thanks to the magic of social media, I’m taking this question and giving it back to you, the people, to help provide the most interesting, exciting and apparently boozy ways to determine fantasy football draft orders.

Sure, there were plenty of reasonable responses, like using winners of last year’s consolation bracket or simply going reverse order of the previous season’s standings, but that’s even less thrilling than pulling names out of a hat.

So without further ado, here are my favorite draft order suggestion submissions.

Fantasy Football Draft Order Suggestions

1. Leave it to Little Leaguers

This is clearly a burner account for Matt Mitchell — The Action Network’s podcast production honcho, bettor of bad day baseball and Little World Series degenerate.

2. Hand Out Roses?

I’ll give this one credit for creativity, but not sure I’m looking for any reason to watch “The Bachelor.”

3-4. Here Come the Frat Boys

It didn’t take long for the fantasy football bros to come in hard with a slew of beer-pong related suggestions. Here are two of them, but trust me, there were a ton.

5. The Lottery

Using gambling to setup more gambling? I’m listening …

6. Leave It to Speed?

From a high level, I truly like this suggestion. However, as one of Darren Rovell’s co-workers, I’d hate to sentence him to the last pick in any league he plays in for the rest of his life.

7. The Price is Wrong

Much like daydrinking, I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I love Plinko, but hate building stuff.

8. Joffe Needs Help, Too

No police chases? No flame throwers? No betting on huge underdogs with zero chance of winning? The Action Network’s Lauren Joffe, who LITERALLY DOES NOTHING THE BORING WAY, determines her draft in the same lame way that I do.

I would have set this suggestion from her at +99999999.

9. The Draft Order GOAT

While all suggestions above are worthy enough to be included in this article, there is truly just one winner …

This was the clubhouse leader early, and while some worthy shots came for the crown, nothing can top the unbeatable combination of alcohol and pointing out which of your friends are stupid.

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