Pick up soccer today

Pickup Soccer Do’s and Don’ts

Pickup Soccer Do’s and Don’ts

Respect a call if another player makes one. Without referees we know it can be tough to officiate the games but try to be as fair and realistic as possible.

Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and call your own foul if you get knocked down or tripped up another player. It’s not worth whipping out a rule book every time you’ve been fouled – we are on the honour system.

Be the one player on the field harping at his teammates. Yes, we know that some players might be less than extraordinary, but you don’t need to yell at your teammate for a miskick. Pickup soccer is meant to be an upbeat atmosphere where a new group of people is getting together to have fun and be active.

Try and show up 15 minutes before the session to get ready. A light warm up can go a long way to prevent any injuries from occurring. Check out the upcoming Myodetox video series for ideas. Arriving early also increases your chances of getting a spot on a team in your favourite position. First, come first served.

Be a cherry picker. There is no official offside rule in pickup, however that doesn’t mean you need to go full Inzaghi…in fact never go full Inzaghi. Participate in the game and make a run once and while. Remember that winning the ball back for the team will also make it easier for your team mates to want to pass to you when they have the ball.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pinnie) Some places will provide pinnies as an option to help divide the team, but if you want to avoid that particular lingering smell that can come from a bag of used pinnies you may want to bring your own. Different coloured shirts (light/dark) are also a good substitute as you never know what team you’ll end up on.

Be a ball hog, pass the ball. Alright Ronaldo, we get it, we saw the film, you’re the greatest, all hail, now pass the ball.

Try soccer for the first time at a pickup match. Although the players will have varying skills levels, you don’t want to get injured or just plain embarrass yourself. The same goes for your best friend or girlfriend, you don’t need to bring along a date that’s never played before—trust me it won’t end well. A perfect alternative solution, for those of you who feel the need to force your will to play soccer onto your significant others, is our Beginner Adult Soccer Clinic on Saturdays. http://soccerworldcentral.ca/clinics/

Apologize if you injure someone. Cus bullying is bad. End of story. Play nice.

Climb on any building structure like the soccer dome or any equipment on or beside the field. Also avoid entering areas marked off for staff only. You will most likely just end up hurting yourself or looking silly.

Use subs as needed. Often in pickup soccer matches, there are enough players to have substitutions. You might think your skill level should match your playing time, but this isn’t the big leagues – we don’t need to “bench” anyone. Try to be as fair as possible when it comes to rotating through players and switching positions. The more you rotate, the sharper you’ll be, and the shorter you’ll sit out.

Slide tackle – under any circumstances. Especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. That’s how people get hurt in the business folks.

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