Quinella horse racing

Quinella Horse Betting

Quinella wagers are is a member of the exotic horse racing betting family, closely related to the Exacta bet. In a Quinella, however, the bettor is selecting two horses to finish first and second, in any order, rather than in an exact first-place + second-place order.

A somewhat experienced horse racing bettor might argue the need for a Quinella wager, when an Exacta Box would be the same. An Exacta Box allows the bettor to choose two horses, and bets on either finishing order. Isn’t that what the Quinella does? Yes, but the price may vary.

See, an Exacta Box requires an additional bet for every possible winning combination. With a minimum bet of $2, the total bet would be $4 for an Exacta Box. With a Quinella, the bettor may choose to place the minimum $2 wager on both possible finishing orders. As the bet is halved, the payout is generally halved as well.

What is Quinella Horse Racing Betting?

Quinella horse racing betting is when the bettor chooses two horses to finish the race in first and second place, in any given order. So long as both horses take the Win and Place positions (first and second), the bettor collects.

For example, $2 Quinella (5-8) is a bet on horse #5 and horse #8 to Win and Place in the race. Whether it ends 5-8 or 8-5, the bet is won. If horse #5 and/or horse #8 do not finish in first and second place, the bet is lost.

The payout of Quinella horse racing bet is relevant to the amount of money that has been wagered on Quinella and Exacta bets involving the same horses, compared to those placed on other horses. In essence, the more favored your picks are to win, the lower the payout will be. Choosing lees favored “long-shots” will pay out more on a winning Quinella.

The Quinella payout is typically 50% of the Exacta payout on the same two horses.

Types of Quinella Horse Racing Betting

Quinella horse racing betting comes in three forms:

  • Straight Quinella
  • Quinella Box
  • Quinella Wheel

Straight Quinella Horse Racing Betting

The Straight Quinella is the same horse racing bet defined above. It is a single wager on two horses to finish first and second in any order.

Quinella Box Horse Racing Betting

The Quinella Box is a more involved form of horse racing betting where the bettor chooses more than two horses, paying more for each possible top-two combinations. Each combination cost an additional $2 minimum bet.

For example, you place: $2 Quinella Box (5-8-3). This is a $2 Quinella on 5-8, another $2 Quinella on 5-3, and a third $2 Quinella on 8-3; a total $6 bet.

You can include as many horses as you wish in a Quinella Box, but the price will escalate with each horse added.

  • 4 horses = $12
  • 5 horses = $20
  • 6 horses = $30
  • 7 horses = $42
  • 8 horses = $56

Quinella Wheel Horse Racing Betting

The Quinella Wheel is much like the Quinella Box except that the bettor is choosing one horse to be in all bets, with other horses to be combined. If the bettor is certain that horse #2 will finish in first or second, but isn’t so sure who will join the horse in the other position, he can use Quinella Wheel horse racing betting to cover all possibilities.

If the bettor believes horses #5, #8 and #1 all have a good chance of finishing with horse #2, the following Quinella Wheel bet would be made: $2 Quinella Wheel 2, with 5-8-1.

It becomes a total $6 bet on the following Quinella combinations: 2-5 or 5-2, 2-8 or 8-2, 2-1 or 1-2.

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