Rebelbetting bookmakers list

How to Use RebelBetting

(1)Download RebelBetting’s free version software

To learn more about RebelBetting, click here to visit their web site.

To download the free version of RebelBetting, click the link below.

(2)Launch the RebelBetting software

In the screen above is an example as to how the arb data is presented. Details included are the arbitrage percentage, game/match participants, odds type, bookmakers and odds.

(3)The top menu

(4)List of arbitrage opportunities

If you click on the “+” next to the arb percentage, you’ll notice that the row will expand listing the odds of other bookmakers for that particular match. The best odds will be selected by default unless you set specific filters exclude certain bookmakers.

For an explanation of the selected arb above, you will notice the following:

  • It is a 4.8% arb
  • The participants are T Alves vs A Begemann
  • It is a Money Line (ML) arb (this means it is a 2-way arb – there are only two outcomes for the match)
  • The selected bookmakers are Nordicbet and Centrebet.
  • Panbet has been excluded in your bookmaker list (under Options) therefore it has been made inactive
  • If you were to select Marathonbet instead of Centrebet as the second bet, the selected arbitrage would change from 4.8% to 3.6%

(5)Hiding an arb, match or odds

If you right click on a certain match’s odds you will be given three choices as indicated in the screen above and also indicated below.

    • Selected arbitrage – Hides that specific arbitrage alone
    • All arbitrages for selected match – Hides all arbitrages for that specific match
    • All arbitrages with selected odds – Hides that bookmaker’s specific odds for that specific match

(6)Arb details

When you double click on an arb row, the Arb Details panel will open on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you can see more details about the arb you have selected such as how long the arb has existed, last bet date, event, sport, reliability, etc.

Above is a detailed view of an arb between Schalke 04 vs. Arsenal with an explanation included below.

    • The arb is 2.71%
    • The arb was first found 2 days and 3 hours ago
    • Last chance to bet on the match is 20:45
    • At Interwetten you should place your bet on Schalke 04 at odds 3.70 to win – the bet type is European Handicap (-1)
    • At Betsson you should place your bet on Schalke 04 to draw Arsenal at odds 4.00 – the bet type is European Handicap (+1)
    • At 12Bet you should place your bet on Arsenal at odds 1.93 to win, the bet type is Asian Handicap (+0.75)

(7)The calculator

By using the built-in calculator, you will be able to calculate your profit for an arb without having to open up the Betting Browser. This will allow you to change the stake of an arb automatically once you choose to place your bet.

(8)The Betting Browser

By clicking on any selected arbitrage, the Betting Browser will automatically be launched. The Betting Browser allows you to not only be automatically logged into your account at selected bookmakers but also finds and selects the bets you need to place to create an arbitrage opportunity. This time saver lets you bet on more arbitrage opportunities before they disappear.

The integrated calculator suggests the stakes you should place depending on the odds of the different bets in the arb, and also on your default total stake (as defined by you under Options/User). If you change any numbers in the calculator, the other numbers will automatically be changed to the corresponding amount.

As shown above, the Betting Browser can be divided into two main sections with the Arb Info panel located on the left-hand side.

(9)The Arb Info panel

The Arb Info panel contains more detailed information of the bets you are about to place.

Here are some details of this particular bet:

    • The team you should bet on is Södertälje Kings
    • The sport is basketball and the event is EuroChallenge
    • Last bet date is today 19:00 (in 6 hours)
    • The bookmaker is Marathonbet
    • The market you should bet on is Asian Handicap (-2)
    • The odds on Södertälje are 1.94 (or 15/16 or -106 depending on what type of odds you have set to display)
    • It is recommended that you bet USD 300
    • The arb is at 1.98%, and should this specific outcome come true, your profit at 1.98% will be USD 11.30
    • The odds have not changed at the bookmaker as you can see in the Log Window, “Odds still 1.94“
    • Clicking on will restart the AutoSurf for this bet
    • Clicking on will expand this bet window to full size (can also be done with F1-F4 buttons on your keyboard)

(10)Arbitrage filters

In the screen above you can set filters for arb percentages, hide arbs for matches that start x days/x minutes in the future, and choose to show mixed rules arbitrage opportunities.

(11)Bookmaker filters

In the screen above you can set filters for those bookmakers that you wish to display arb opportunities from.

(12)Market filters

In the screen above you can set filters for those markets that you wish to display arb opportunities from.

(13)Arb alerts

In the screen above you can customize your personal alerts so that you never miss a good arb opportunity.

(14)Application setup

In the screen above you are able to make any changes to the setup of the RebelBetting software application.

(15)Bookmaker login information setup

In the screen above you can register your specific bookmaker login information. By taking the time to enter this information, you will be able to make use of the AutoSurf feature whereby the software will automatically log you into each bookmaker where you have an account, find the correct sport, league and market, and also the participant and odds for faster access to the arbitrage opportunity.

(16)User account details

In the screen above you can view and modify your RebelBetting account information.

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