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Where can I bet on UFC/MMA?

There are lots of options for betting on the UFC or MMA. Check out our list of the Best UFC/MMA Betting Sites.

UFC and MMA Odds Explained

MMA continues to explode globally and with that growth comes an increased appetite for UFC sports betting odds, along with lines for other promotions such as Bellator, WSOF and Invicta. And the international appeal of superstars like Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar only adds to the mainstream appeal of the sport.

In mixed martial arts betting, the standard form of wagering is the moneyline. Essentially you are betting on one fighter to win and the moneyline assigns a value to the favorite and to the underdog. Like baseball betting, the favorite typically has a negative value and the underdog has a positive value.


  • Conor McGregor -160
  • Eddie Alvarez +140

In the example above, McGregor is the favorite and the betting works like this: Picture $100 sitting in the middle of those two numbers. To bet on McGregor, you have to risk $160 in order to turn a $100 profit. Since he is favored, the bettor must risk more money to bet on him. That makes it fair for the sportsbook.

For the underdog Alvarez, the sportsbook is encouraging you to bet on him by offering a bigger payout for the upset. To bet on Alvarez, you would risk $100 to earn a $140 profit. Risk less, get a bigger reward. For McGregor, you have to risk more to earn a smaller reward.


Sportsbooks such as 5Dimes are almost always first out with these “MMA totals,” and it’s the same as betting totals in football or basketball. In MMA, the sportsbook sets a total (usually 1.5 rounds for a three-round fight or 2.5 rounds for a five-round fight) and you get to bet whether the fight will be finished before that time or after that time. So if you bet the McGregor-Alvarez fight to go UNDER 2.5 rounds and Conor KO’s him in the first round, then you win the bet. If Alvarez lasts beyond 2.5 rounds, you would lose the bet.

Also, there is often MMA prop betting on big events. Props are specialty bets such as “who will win fight of the night bonuses” or “will McGregor win by strikes, submission or decision.” They are fun wagers, but can be profitable, much like Super Bowl props where fans love to bet on the coin toss or the length of the national anthem.

Good luck with your UFC betting and check our sportsbook review pages for the best places to wager online.

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