Rubber tip safety darts

Darts Safety

For obvious reasons, darts is not a game recommended for young children. Careless handling of a dart can result in serious injury. The dart tip is weighted and pointed and capable of penetrating wood. For this reason traditional darts is actually not allowed in drinking establishments in some states, provinces, and municipalities.

The procedure for throwing a dart is to not throw if any person happens to be forward of the oche or toe line. This not only prevents injury, but also excludes interference of the throw. Rough-housing with darts in hand can also be very dangerous no matter how good the thrower believes he or she may be.

A person injured by a dart should, of course, seek medical attention. Serious wounds, such as those of the eye or other face wounds may require a call for an ambulance.

If players keep these precautions in mind, many hours of fun can be had in the game of darts. There are available, boards made of plastic and rubber that accept a quality rubber tipped dart. Some of these boards are electronic and will even keep score for the players.

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