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History Of The Rugby World Cup

Year Host(s) Final Winner
1987 New Zealand & Australia New Zealand 29 France 9 New Zealand
1991 Europe Australia 12 England 6 Australia
1995 South Africa South Africa 15 New Zealand 16 (aet) South Africa
1999 Wales Australia 35 France 12 Australia
2003 Australia England 20 Australia 17 (aet) England
2007 France South Africa 15 England 6 South Africa
2011 New Zealand New Zealand 8 France 7 New Zealand
2015 England New Zealand 34 Australia 17 New Zealand
2019 Japan South Africa 32 England 12 South Africa

Rugby World Cup Titles

Nations World Cup Winners Runners-Up Third-Place
New Zealand 3 (1987, 2011, 2015) 1 (1985) 2 (1981, 2003)
South Africa 3 (1995, 2007, 2019) 2 (1999, 2015)
Australia 2 (1991, 1999) 2 (2003, 2015) 1 (2011)
England 1 (2003) 2 (1991, 2007, 2019)
France 3 (1987, 1999, 2011) 1 (1995)
Wales 1 (1987)
Argentina 1 (2007)

The Six Nations

The Six Nations is the biggest yearly international rugby event in the northern-hemisphere, with the best six sides in Europe taking each other on in a round-robing tournament. The competition sees England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland France and Italy do battle over five game weekends, with a number of major trophies up for grabs.

The first and biggest title on offer is the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam is won by defeating every single one of the other five nations. If a side is able to get through the gruelling fixtures without tasting defeat then they are crowned the Grand Slam champions, with this a huge feat considering a side will have to usually beat two world class sides on their own turd throughout the tournament.

The next trophy that a side is able to secure is the Championship title. This title is awarded to a side that finishes with the most points at the end of the tournament but was unable to defeat every single one of the other sides. If England were to beat Ireland, France, Scotland and Italy but lose to Wales then they would win the championship, but they would miss out on the Grand Slam by virtue of that loss to Wales.

The next trophy is the Triple Crown. This trophy is only contested by England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, the teams from the United Kingdom. This trophy, like the Grand Slam, can only be secured if one of the four sides beats all of the other three, with the bragging rights for a whole year secured if one of the four UK based teams can beat the other three.

The final “trophy” is the wooden spoon. This is awarded to the side that finishes at the bottom of the table with the least amount of points after the five matches. This unwanted accolade usually goes to Italy, who have been far below the standard of the other five for some time now, with Scotland’s recent improvements seeing this gap between Italy and the other five one that is growing larger by the game.

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