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Samuel Ryder

The Man Behind The Ryder Cup

Samuel Ryder

Samuel Ryder, Founder of the Ryder Cup

Samuel Ryder is world-famous as the generous benefactor of golf ‘s greatest team event – the Ryder Cup. He is also known as the successful businessman who launched his career as a seed merchant with his ‘penny packets’ of seeds. Little else has been published of this remarkable man and yet Samuel Ryder was a good Samaritan to the community and the greatest sponsor of British professional golf in the 1920s.

The author started his interest in golf history when he met Samuel Ryder’s eldest daughter Marjorie while researching the history of his home golf club. She presented him with a picture of her father in mayoral robes in memory of the family’s happy association with Came Down Golf Club. Since then the author has met other members of the Ryder family and researched diligently in various newspapers and magazines in order to present this first in-depth biography of Samuel Ryder. The ten chapters in the book comprise: Samuel’s early years in Cheshire, his career as a successful seedsman, his religious commitment, his civic duties, his community spirit, Verulam Golf Club, Heath and Heather sponsorship, initiating the Ryder Cup, the Shakespeare enthusiasm and his African interests.

Samuel Ryder in Mayoral Robes

Many examples of Samuel’s unique character are detailed that highlight his generosity, compassion, determination, ingenuity and his keen sense of humour. The experience of his early days near Manchester brought empathy with the poor and ensured working conditions for his employees that were years ahead of their time.

The various events that led to Samuel Ryder presenting the Ryder Cup are thoroughly chronicled as are other sponsored golf matches which took place at Came Down, Stratford-on-Avon, Verulam and far-off Rhodesia. The significant role played by Samuel’s brother James in sponsoring British professional golf is included as is Samuel’s nephew who was responsible for drawing up the deed of trust for the international matches. The famous names are not confined to top golfers for also mentioned are Winston Churchill, David Lloyd-George, Cecil Rhodes and the founder of the YMCA, Sir George Williams.

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