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Sands Casino Sportsbook Review

The Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, open in Pennsylvania since 2009, is one of the newest wagering facilities in the state. However, when it comes to sports betting (made legal in the state via Act 42 and the Supreme Court overturn of the federal sports betting ban PASPA), the Sands Casino sportsbook review is sure to point to its ownership’s pedigree, as the Las Vegas Sands Corporation has plenty of established expertise in providing high-value, stable, profitable sports betting odds and lines for its customers out west.

Once Bethlehem’s Sands sportsbook is open to the public, there will undoubtedly be high praise for its comprehensive wagering menu and overall sports betting prowess. Indeed, the Sands Casino sportsbook should be, by all measures, the premier destination for sports betting in Pennsylvania’s eastern region and surrounding areas of neighboring states.

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Currently, the Sands sportsbook is not open for business just yet, but most industry experts believe that the Pennsylvania state government will approve the Sands Casino’s sports betting license once submitted with the applicable fees. Thus, most area sports bettors, whether they’re PA residents or guests from out of state, should be able to wager on sports in PA sometime before the Super Bowl kicks off in 2019.

All that said, the only way you’ll be able to wager at the Sands sportsbook – at least initially – will be to actually go to the venue’s sports betting lounge in person to place your bets. The Sands sports betting lounge, which has completed its design and renovations phase, will provide Pennsylvania bettors with a comfortable setting (replete with televisions and wagering kiosks) in which to relax, have a few drinks, place their wagers, and enjoy the games as they unfold on the big screens.

Online Pennsylvania sportsbooks is definitely in the works, and there is no doubt that the Sands sportsbook will have its own dedicated website where anyone in the state 21 years old or older can place wagers on athletics, 24-7-365. However, because the infrastructure for a secure online wagering portal will probably take longer to roll out than the Sands sportsbook’s on-site options, PA residents might have to wait a few months (perhaps even into the beginning of next year) before they’ll have access to the Sands Internet sportsbook experience.

The Sands Casino sportsbook will offer full-service betting from day one. Sports betting enthusiasts in eastern PA will find that the Sands – thanks to its history and experience in the bookmaking business – will have one of the most complete sports betting menus in the entire state. Bettors will be able to place wagers on all the US-based action they’re used to, with every single NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, MMA, and NASCAR contest represented.

Even better, sports bettors in Pennsylvania will have access to a complete selection of sports betting wager types including spreads, straights, over/unders, props, teasers, pleasers, futures, specials, and more. Folks gaming at the Sands Casino sportsbook will even be able to wager on all the international soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, and cricket action there is, with tons of other sports, leagues, and events thrown in year-round. Throw in live betting, and the Sands sportsbook in Bethlehem, PA, will literally give its patrons tens of thousands of daily sports betting options to choose from.

Once the Sands Casino sportsbook is up and operational, it should only be a matter of months before the online component is also rolled out, giving bettors the option of wagering on sports at the Sands without actually having to be on casino grounds. Better yet, PA residents will be able to use the Sands sportsbook on their mobile devices of choice, as you can be sure that the LV Sands Corporation will optimize its web experience for mobile sports betting.

Keep in mind, of course, that online sports betting and mobile sports betting apps are not the same thing, as a proper native iPhone or Android app requires significantly more work and time to launch. Still, if Apple and Google are receptive to allowing such sports betting apps on their storefronts (the App Store and Google Play), PA residents can expect a Sands sportsbook app to be available sometime by or before early 2019.

Proxy betting, which is the ability to wager on sports from out of state by using a licensed third-party go-between is not a service offered by the majority of casinos in the United States. This is because it is generally viewed as a violation of the Wire Act and various other laws. For this reason, it is extremely unlikely that the Sands Casino Sportsbook would allow proxy betting on their property.

Since mobile sports betting will be geo-fenced by law, that solution still requires bettors to physically be in Pennsylvania in order to place their bets. Preexisting online sportsbooks have no such restriction, allowing bettors to wager from anywhere, at any time. If there is any change on the legal climate for proxy betting, however, we will update our Sands Casino sportsbook review accordingly.

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