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Stuttering and audio bugs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider seem to be the main issues players have been having trouble with. There are more bugs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but they don’t seem to be that big of a problem. However, audio bugs cause the sound to fade in and out or outright disappear, while the game stuttering can even cause you to die if it happens in a bad moment. So, our guide on Shadow of the Tomb Raider stuttering and audio bug fixes will hopefully help you solve these issues.

How to Fix Shadow of the Tomb Raider Stuttering Issue on PC & Xbox?

To fix the problem of Shadow of the Tomb Raider stuttering on PC, you should change the priority the game has on the Task Manager. Open your Task Manager and find SOTTR.exe. Bump its priority to High, and that should fix the stuttering issue. In fact, it seems to solve the problem across the board, as far as PC goes.

When it comes to Shadow of the Tomb Raider stuttering on the Xbox One, the prospects are bleaker. Nobody seems to have found a solution as of writing this article. Some say that using Vsync, dynamic resolution, and / or triple-buffer, but none of that is a sure-fire fix. Unfortunately, it seems that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will have to have a major title update to fix the stuttering. Same goes for screen tearing, flickering, and other problems. So, you can fiddle with the settings to try and fix it, but, unfortunately, it seems that you’ll just have to stay put until the devs fix it.

Audio Bugs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider – How to Fix Sound Fading & Disappearing?

To fix the issue of the sound disappearing or fading in and out, or disappearing altogether, there are several steps you can take. When it comes to the PC only, try disabling the Geforce Overlay. That may or may not work, though. Also on the PC, make sure that your Windows Settings matches the actual output you’re using. Another thing that you can try is installing the game on internal memory, instead of the external memory. This has a high chance of fixing the audio issues.

Of course, neither of these actions will necessarily help. It might just be that, due to the game still being very fresh out of the oven, some kinks still remain for ironing out. We can safely assume that the devs will fix these problems in a future patch.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Sudden Camera Changes

Unfortunately, this isn’t a bug; by all accounts, it’s just how the game’s programmed. There’s no helping it, aside from turning off auto-centering in the options. This likely not prevent the camera from violently lurching mid-jump and sending you careening to your doom, but it will help to a degree. Overall, though, you’re just gonna have to deal with the camera bending you over its knee while ostensibly trying to help you. Just try and get used to it, because I doubt that this will get any sort of official fix.

If we learn about any further bugs and fixes, we’re going to add them to this article. In the meantime, you can peruse our other Shadow of the Tomb Raider guides, including How to Unlock Tomb Raider 2013 & Rise of the Tomb Raider Outfits and How to Craft Fear & Poison Lure Arrows.

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