Shadow of war online fix

Shadow of war online fix

Middle-earthâ„¢: Shadow of Warâ„¢

c:/User%/documents/WB games/Shadow of War

“ScreenHeight16by9” “1050.000000”
“ScreenWidth16by9” “1680.000000”

Change accordingly in game ratio will still be selected in the Menu , while in-game it will switch to the Resolution You have Chosen or set in the config File. “Have fun”

Render.cfg editing is sheet.

Heres what you need:

1) Go to Control panel => Device manager (or WIN+R and type devmgmt.msc)
2) Select your Monitor among all the devices (right click on it)
3) Go Properties => Driver => Roll back driver
4) Enjoy your FullHD (you can now select it in game menu legitimately as x1.0)

This will replace your monitor driver with Windows Generic default driver.

Also if you already using Generic PnP driver try to update your monitor driver.

This is the only right working way to play fullhd this game.
I’ve had this issue too and my monitor is AOC g2266vwq6 so mb it’s AOC’s drivers issue.

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