Singapore pools football betting

Tracking Football Opening Odds from Singapore Pools

sgodds is a football odds and information website with no online betting services. It aims to simplify football betting strategy by identifying profitable bet selections from tracking odds from singaporepools.

Current Opening 1X2 Odds

Track open odds movements after a football fixture becomes available from singapore pools sg sports. Live betting odds not available.

Past Soccer Results

View closed odds, winning selections (highlighted) for matches played 7 days ago.

Popular Football Fixtures

View punters’ leading football matches and favourite soccer league. Most sought-after bet selections with odds that changed by more than -20%.

How does sgodds works?

When a football event is made available for online betting at singapore pools website, sgodds will read both opening plus current odds and update on it’s site. This ‘read process’ is executed in intervals hence the latest odds are always 10 minutes behind sg pools. They are then constantly tracked on the Current Odds and individual match page. Odds will no longer be updated once a match starts (removed from sgpools) and all movements from open till closed will be moved to Past Soccer Results webpage remaining accessible to punters for 1 month.

How sgodds differs from other odds tracking websites?

To be unique among similar odds tracking competitors sites, sgodds decided to provide something more than just a site with numbers (odds) and ‘up/down’ percentage changes. It provides a suite of tools and calculators that analyze odds movements, profitable leagues and historic results etc. to simplify punters’ data for betting needs. This is especially useful, e.g. Saturday evening where punters are faced with more than a dozen matches from different soccer leagues that start within an hour of one another.

How sgodds simplify betting needs?

Tools provided on sgodds does not predict scores nor are they programmed with AI that picks sure-win selections. hack not even ‘bets with high chance of winning’! Some of these tools will require a punter’s inputs, prediction or even gut instinct. Thereafter, they will generate a list of recommended bet selections or calculated findings to the punter. Behind the results generation, there is no assumption, no guesswork, no randomization, no models or algorithms whatsoever on it’s own. They worked largely based on odds data collected which punters they themselves can even calculate e.g. using Excel. Moreover they are here to work for punters at the click of a button.

Disclaimer *again*

The webmaster of (I) will not be responsible for punters (your) loss incurred by using any sort of data originated from any parts of this website. This includes monetary loss, surfing time loss and internet bandwidth loss etc. For this is simply an odds tracking website with some cheap-skate tools that even a 10 year old can formulated on Excel! Information found on the web site are for reference only. For live betting and accurate odds, it is encouraged to check singappore pools sports page.

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