Soccer 6 best predictions

Soccer 6 best predictions

Soccer 6 fixtures and tips below

Soccer 6 Tips

Using our PredictionEngine, we provide Soccer 6 tips for all soccer 6 fixtures. We do this by taking each of the soccer 6 games and putting it though our database, looking at all historical data we have, current league performance, if the match is home or away, etc. Using all this data, our system makes Predictions for Soccer 6 matches for the full time correct score. You will also find all the data we used to make that soccer 6 prediction by clicking on “analysis”, so that you can then add this to your own data and see what tips you can come up with. As Soccer 6 consists of 6 matches, we predict for 6 games per pool, but we also make predictions for multiple soccer 6 pools concurrently. So if there are 4 soccer 6 pools open for betting, we will have 4 sets of soccer 6 predictions, of 6 matches each.

Soccer 6 Fixtures

Soccer 6 has multiple pools running per day and per week. Unlike Soccer 13, which typically only has 1 or 2 pools per week. This means that although each pool has less fixtures, there are more pools, so the total number of soccer 6 fixtures per week can easily be almost 100. Not to fear, as our system can easily handle this. As soon as new soccer 6 fixtures are released on the soccer6 site, our system automatically adds them to our database, where we can then provide predictions. This means that we can provide predictions on all soccer 6 fixtures almost immediately after they are released.

How to play soccer 6

The soccer 6 pool is when a punter places a wager on six scheduled soccer matches (normally South African Premier Soccer League, English Premier League but also sometimes from the bigger European leagues). There are only three bet choices available one each game. Home (H), draw (X) or away (away).

H means the home team, draw is represented by X and A means the away team.

For example the first game of the selected 6 will be Manchester City vs Liverpool. The match is played at the venue of the team so it is written first and in this case Manchester City is the H team and Liverpool the A team. If the punter thinks the game will end in a stalemate then they must mark with an X.

Soccer 6 is slightly easier to win than soccer 4 as there are only three outcomes to place a bet on for each game and the highest prize in South Africa has been R233 824.

M1 will denote Match One, M2 match 2 and so forth until the sixth one is reached.

An example bet will look like – in M1 (Match 1) the punter chooses 3 options, 2 more options in (Match 2), 3 options in match 3, 2 in (Match 4), 1 in (Match 5) and 1 in (Match 6). This calculation will now look like 3x2x3x2x1x1=24 times by six – total bet of R216.

The soccer 6 offers pools on most days, but the midweek and weekend ones are the most popular dates to play.

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