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Football Manager 2019 Guide and Tips

Create your football career. The Football Manager 2019 Guide will help you win every match on your career path. Helpful tips for beginners will teach you how to manage your team, adjust tactics and many more.

This Football Manager 2019 guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most important features of the game and will help you in learning and understanding the basic rules of football management. The first chapter of this guide contains a few simple steps that explain how to know your own team and prepare your players for their first important match. The second chapter of Football Manager 2019 contains a set of general tips. Our tips will surely make it easier for you to start your manager’s career and help in managing your club. In the third chapter you will find all the relevant information related to the Manager’s work: choosing the right formation, arranging tactics, conducting training, transfers, prolonging contracts and cooperation with the staff and many other issues. After reading the last two chapters, the player will know how to prepare his team for an important match and how to lead his players on the football pitch. In the last chapter of Football Manager Guide 2019 you can find information about the official system requirements of the game.

The Football Manager 2019 game guide contains:

  • Description of first steps in the career of Football Manager.
  • General Tips.
  • Advice related to the delegation of tasks.
  • Advice on club management and tactics.
  • Advice on arranging training and friendly fixtures.
  • Tips related to scouting.
  • Advice to make it easier for you to gain new players on the transfer market.
  • Advice on how to prepare your team for an important match.
  • Advice on running the team during the game.
  • Hardware requirements and troubleshooting.

About Football Manager 2019 Guide and Tips

Author : Lukasz “Qwert” Telesinski for

Translator : Filip “Mithgandir” Liebert & Mateusz “Magpull” Pytlik

last update : November 14, 2018

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Football Manager 2019 Video Game

FM 2019 is a very extensive production, in which the player becomes the manager of a selected football club. During the game we are responsible for the full spectrum of team functioning – the basis of our duties is the acquisition and development of players, setting training and match tactics, as well as control over the charges both during and between the games. Gameplay requires us to constantly make decisions and set priorities and reconcile the interests of different parties.

In addition, it is also important to take care of the financial side of the club – because we operate within a fixed budget, which we spend on new players, increases or improvements. An additional task of the manager is also to create a good marketing image and maintain proper relations with fans and the media.

In total, there are 26 fully licensed leagues from 11 countries and numerous individual club licenses from the largest leagues in the world. For the first time in Football Manager 2019 there were official competitions of the German Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga.

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