Spanish fixed matches

Barcelona and Real Madrid sides involved in games in huge match-fixing probe being investigated by Spanish cops and La Liga

A total of 20 people have been arrested so far as authorities look into 51 ties involved in alleged scandal

  • 21 Feb 2018, 16:50
  • Updated : 21 Feb 2018, 16:55

MATCHES involving youth sides from both Barcelona and Real Madrid are being investigated by cops for suspected match-fixing.

News has broke today in Spain that police and La Liga are looking into a huge number of games from the third and fourth division.

A file of 51 ties has been handing to the authorities, with the list including fixtures Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona B were both playing in.

In total, there are 10 games from the 2015/16 season, 26 from 2016/17 and a further 15 from the first half of the current campaign.

El Confidencial report that the matches under the microscope have been detected by Federbet – a non-profit organisation that combats illegal gambling.

But Marca has since learned that no players from either of the El Clasico outfits have been implicated so far.

Although 20 people have been arrested by police.

The Barcelona B team was involved in one contest being looked into.

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Real Madrid Castilla were also only part of one contest in the match-fixing fiasco.

Uefa, the governing body for football in Europe, are also aware of the investigation.




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And they have been co-operating with both cops and La Liga officials throughout the investigation.

The full list of matches being examined are:

2015/16 SEASON

Real Union vs La Roda (Segunda B)

Atletico Astorga vs Racing de Ferrol (Segunda B)

Paterna vs Castellon (Tercera)

Loja vs Maracena (Tercera)

Granollers vs Santfeulienc (Tercera)

Mora vs Marchamalo (Tercera)

Recambios Colon vs Novelda (Tercera)

Acero vs Recambios Colon (Tercera)

San Pedro vs Los Villares (Tercera)

Atletico Sanluqueno vs Ceuta (Tercera)

2016/17 SEASON

Baleares vs Gava (Segunda B)

El Ejido vs La Roda (Segunda B)

Linares vs Melilla (Segunda B)

Arandina vs Racing de Santander (Segunda B)

Racing de Ferrol vs Coruxo (Segunda B)

Cornella vs Eldense (Segunda B)

Barcelona B vs Eldense (Segunda B)

Villarreal B vs Eldense (Segunda B)

Atletico Baleares vs Eldense (Segunda B)

Eldense vs Gava (Segunda B)

Ecija Balompie vs Sevilla C (Tercera)

Atletico Espeleno vs Alcala (Tercera)

CD Rincon vs Dos Hermanas (Tercera)

Atarfe vs Guadix (Tercera)

Zafra vs Olivenza (Tercera)

Marchamalo vs Talavera de la Reina (Tercera)

Alcala vs Ecija Balompie (Tercera)

Alcala vs Atletico Espeleno (Tercera)

Atarfe vs Loja (Tercera)

EAN Vanguardia vs Yeclano Deportivo (Tercera)

Alcorcon B vs Getafe B (Tercera)

Velez vs Atarfe (Tercera)

Murcia B vs Aguilas (Tercera)

Ponferradina vs Tenisca (Copa Federacion)

Badajoz vs Atletico Mancha (Copa Federacion)

2017/18 SEASON

Jumilla vs Ecija Balompie (Segunda B)

Cerceda vs Real Madrid Castilla (Segunda B)

Gijon Industrial vs Union Langreo (Tercera)

La Hoya Lorca B vs EAN Vanguardia (Tercera)

Alcala vs San Roque de Lepe (Tercera)

Xerez vs Olivenza (Tercera)

Xerez vs Alcala (Tercera)

Lebrijana vs Xerez (Tercera)

Astorga vs Real Burgos (Tercera)

Lebrijana vs Alcala (Tercera)

Alcala vs Sevilla C (Tercera)

Malaga B vs Atarfe (Tercera)

Becerril vs Virgen del Carmen (Tercera)

Gijon Industrial vs Union Langreo (Tercera)

Atletico Espeleno vs Arcos (Tercera)

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