States legal sports betting

Where is Sports Betting Legal: In Which States Can You Gamble on Sports?

The United States Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision Monday to strike down a federal ban on sports betting.

The move does not automatically legalize sports gambling across the country, but it does grant states the autonomy to make the decision for themselves if they want sports betting legalized or not.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 put a federal ban on state-authorized sports gambling in every state that did not meet already legalize sports betting by the 1991 deadline.

Only Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon already allow sports betting and Nevada is the only state to allow single-game wagering. In June, New Jersey legalized sports betting and in October, a New Mexico casino began taking sports bets.

A report from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming predicts 14 states could have legalized sports gambling within two years including Mississippi, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. For now however, it is still illegal in the 46 states not mentioned previously, but the federal ban is no longer in play.

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