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SuperBook is the name of the most famous sports book in the world. SuperBook is also the name of the sports wagering application from the Westgate Las Vegas (formerly Las Vegas Hilton). This is one of the few independently operated sports books in Las Vegas. You’ll only find these odds, lines, and point spreads at the SuperBook. The app offers all of the same wagering options that you’d find in the brick and mortar sports book at the Westgate.

SuperBook, and all sports betting apps from Nevada casinos can only be used within state lines. The app provider uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device. All SuperBook app users must have a Westgate players club card and be 21 years of age to open and use the account.

SuperBook software

The SuperBook app uses Miomni software that you’ll find used with many other Nevada sports wagering apps. SuperBook uses yellow, black, gray, and white colors. The light text is easy to read on the darker background. Apps with this software have become more popular since the user interface is similar to the majority of other sports wagering apps available in Nevada.

Unlike some Miomni apps, the SuperBook app doesn’t offer horse wagering. However, the app does offer a selection of parlay cards that players will see mostly during football season. Unfortunately, the SuperBook app isn’t connected with the popular SuperContest. Contestants still have to place picks for the contest in person at the Westgate SuperBook.

The software is intuitive and easy to use. The software has been improved over the years. The current version of the software allows users to access the app via wifi. This feature was in high demand, but not available on early releases of the software.

SuperBook sign-up

Players may download the SuperBook app anywhere, but must sign up for an account in person at the brick and mortar Westgate Las Vegas Casino SuperBook. The initial sign-up process is simple, and should take about 10-15 minutes to file paperwork. Everyone who signs up must have a valid ID and active Westgate Las Vegas players club card.

Unfortunately, interested players cannot begin the loyalty club signup process before getting to the actual casino. All players club sign-ups must occur in-person at the casino cashier. You’ll find the cashier to the left just before walking into the SuperBook at the Westgate.

Funding SuperBook

SuperBook sports wagering accounts must first be funded in-person at the SuperBook inside Westgate Las Vegas. The minimum deposit to start an account is $100. Subsequent deposits must be at least $50. Deposits can only be take place at the Westgate.

There may be special promotions for new signups. Make sure to ask the sports book representative when signing up.

Types of bets with SuperBook

The odds, point spreads, and lines should be the same on the SuperBook app as they are at brick and mortar sports book. Players can make the following bets:

  • Point spread
  • Money line (full and partial game)
  • Parlay
  • Parlay cards (when available)
  • Round Robin
  • Teaser
  • Futures
  • Propositions

The SuperBook typically has the largest sports wagering menu in Nevada. They will often post point spreads, odds, and lines on events that you can’t bet on at any other sports book in Nevada. Additionally, the SuperBook is very quick to post lines and odds for upcoming events.

This is a casino operator that caters to high rollers and professional bettors as much as the local residents. The odds, point spreads, and lines are usually among the best in Nevada.

Minimum and maximum wagers with SuperBook

The minimum wager with the SuperBook app is $5. The maximum wager may be different for each customer. You should speak with the sports book operator where you fund the account if you’d like to place high-limit wagers.

Withdrawals from SuperBook

Players may only withdraw funds from the SuperBook app at the brick and mortar Westgate Las Vegas sports book. The only person who can withdraw funds is the person who signed up for the account.

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