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Lottery Predictions Board

Welcome to the Lottery Post Prediction Board!

This is the place where Lottery Post members can post their lottery predictions, and see other members’ predictions.

The Predictions Board is a powerful and important tool to help you measure and improve your systems and methods of play. It is a one-of-a-kind feature on the Internet, available only at Lottery Post.

The Prediction Board provides a controlled environment, ensuring that:

  • All predictions are posted prior to the drawings
  • All numbers are validated to ensure they are within the game’s number pool, and they contain the correct number of digits per ticket/line

Every Lottery Post member can post predictions. Your membership level determines how many tickets/lines you can post for each drawing:

  • Standard (free): 10 tickets/lines per drawing
  • Gold : 25 tickets/lines per drawing
  • Platinum : 50 tickets/lines per drawing

After each drawing, the posted predictions are matched against the actual drawing results. The system saves of all predictions and actual results, so you can analyze your prediction accuracy over time, as well as that of the other members.

The prize amounts awarded for prediction wins are standardized amounts for each game type. For example, the 4-of-6 prize for Pick 6 in New Jersey is the same as the 4-of-6 prize amount for Pick 6 in every other state. A straight Pick 3 win in California is the same amount as a straight hit in any other state. This prize standardization lets our members compare prize ratios between states.

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