Tennis betting odds today

Tennis Betting Odds Explained

Tennis is one of the most international sports around, with tournaments hosted all over the world throughout the year. The most popular of the tennis tournaments are of course the four Grand Slam events. But odds for tennis are found for virtually every major ATP and WTA event going, and often more than just those tours as well.

The betting odds formed for tennis can produce a wide variety of different ways to approach matches, and you will see this in the explanations that we provide for you below. In addition to that, as you read try and figure out which tennis betting lines might be the best for you to lay down a wager. Tennis odds might not have the sheer volume of betting lines formed, but make no mistake there is plenty of great betting action.

How To Read The Odds To Win In Tennis

Accompanying the playing of every WTA or ATP tournament will be the odds to win that event. These are the betting lines released the week of the tournament, installing all players in the field with the odds to win. The highest-ranked players in the world will be the favorites, and so on down the line.

Through the progression of each round in the tournament, revised odds will be formed as well. This is similar to the revised odds formed during the different rounds of a golf tournament. In tennis tournaments, there are many rounds to take place, with oddsmakers jumping on reforming them for updated payouts as soon as they can. Even as the rounds progress, the potential to get a good payout is high, especially if you feel like going away from the top favorites.

Tennis Match Odds Explained

Individual match odds are formed for players. Here both players are set with a moneyline, which is the payout received should a team win outright. Tennis is a sport that can see a huge disparity in the moneyline payouts, especially in the first few rounds when the top seeds play the unseeded players in the tournament.

This is a great opportunity to place a bet down on an underdog for the upset. Sometimes the risk is too great to bet the favorite because a ton of money would have to be wagered just to make any profit. Moneylines get closer as the rounds progress, all the way down to the championship final. But even then, the opportunity for varying payouts can be great.

Tennis In-Play Odds Explained

The in-play odds for tennis can cover a couple of different aspects. The direction of the match is the most important variable here, because odds can change as the match moves forward. For example, if Player A wins the first set, there odds to win the match will improve over Player B. Reformed odds for the match winner can be formed and bet after the first set, and even after each set played out until the final set if necessary. There are many factors that can come into play here.

It’s not just about the different set winners either. Within each set there are a number of games that can be played, with bets placed on the game winners for each also available on some tennis matches.

Tennis Props Explained

Prop odds for tennis can be fun to wager on. These are bets made that do not necessarily relate to the direct outcome as in the overall winner, but they certainly can be in the same general category. For example, the exact set outcome is a wager that goes even further than predicting just who will win and who will lose. This is a great example of a prop. Other prop odds can include the total number of games that are played within a match.

The prop odds are found in the highest number with the Grand Slam events, especially when it gets down to the semifinals and on into the finals. You can see a ton of different props formed, which makes it exciting to wager.

How To Read Tennis Futures

You might notice the theme of Grand Slam events holding the most weight in tennis betting and that is true here with futures as well. Odds to win Wimbledon, the Australian Open, U.S. Open, and French Open are the most common examples of futures odds. But this is not the only type you will see.

Individual players can have futures odds as well, such as a top-ranked player’s number of Grand Slam wins for a given season. Futures bring in a ton of different possibilities and high payouts along with that.

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