The division stuttering fix pc

The division stuttering fix pc

I don’t know how relevant this thread is anymore but I have finally found a FINAL FIX for myself and I hope it can prove helpful to someone else. My specs are AMD 8350 (OC to 4.5GHZ), NVIDIA GTX 980 in SLI with Surround enabled (5760×1080 resolution), 16GB of Kingston RAM, On board Realtek HD Audio with 5.1 Surround, Asus Crosshair V Formula MB and Win 10 x64.

I would like to now illuminate what I did so you know I exhausted every other possibility with no resolution until I got to this point. These aren’t really in order but it is comprehensive.

*Verified Integrity a few times
*Moved the game to two separate SSD’s from a 7200RPM HDD
*Disabled SLI in the game
*Reduced graphics to LOW and went to 1080P
*Disabled one to two cores in task manager
*Changed resolution in the game to refresh the settings
*Enabled Compatibility Mode for Win 7 & 8
*Changed to Windowed and Full screen Windowed from Full screen
*Enabled HPC (high performance compatibility) mode on my CPU (prevents the CPU from down clocking while under a load)
*Disabled Cool’n’Quite
*Changed priority to Low & High in Task Manager
*Ran Malware Bytes and CCleaner
*Disabled FPS & Game Overlay in Uplay
*Downgraded my video drivers to 361.91

One of these changes would give me ok performance until someone joined my group or I would be playing for more than 2hours and the the stuttering would come back. There was something most people do no note however, the RAM usage. I was using 12GB to 14GB of 16GB while in game, along with all the other issues 100% CPU usage, GPU usage was around 90% and stuttering to 10 to 20 FPS with the game becoming unplayable after a few hours. A full reboot did bring it back to a playable state but it wouldn’t remain that way for very long.

Last night when I felt I had exhausted every option, I than went back over everything I read here and on other forums. There was a nagging issue of audio that never truly got resolved with the stuttering so I decided to install my Sound Blaster Z (I removed it cause drivers were crap in Win 7 and just never put it back in) and after doing that, I realized for a 100% fact it was fixed. This was backed up with 4 hours of me playing with no stuttering and the RAM usage only peaked to 7GB. That is a significant reduction of RAM usage and therefore I can only conclude that there is a memory leak when using a Realtek onboard audio R2.79 driver set.

I hope that downgrading the audio drivers can resolve this issue for anyone else suffering from this because I know this a little extreme for a fix. The results however cannot be denied on my end. I am now running NVIDIA’s latest driver (364.51) with SLI enabled, 5760×1080 resolution with high/ultra settings and I’m getting no stuttering what so ever.

Hopefully this helps and can benefit others, cheers!

TL;DR: After I installed a 3rd party sound card the stuttering and extreme RAM usage when playing went away.

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