The evil within fov fix

The evil within fov fix

The Evil Within

To make the game more difficult for us? To make us stuck and aim bad because of their flawed FOV? To make it more “cinematic”? Unbelievable BS!

the problem is that they did have the camera set up that way initially. just try the steam Demo. it still has the old aim camera. and when oyu upgrade to the full version you get the really zoomed in camera.

strange thing is this demo is almost exactly the same as the first developer gameplay that was playable by youtubers with a gofamous channel. i mean the preview copy that they received. exept the steam version of the demo has the option to remove the black bars and the 30 framerate cap.

but they did not change the camera tot that of the full game?

they can easily put the old style camera back in by adding a few lines of code, brecause that camerais allready programed.

Go to download that, then when you launch it look for the evil within profile and there you go FOV options

EDIT: from another thread I posted in:

I just went in to grab some screenshots for comparsion

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