Timed out loading session gta 5 ps3

Timed out loading session gta 5 ps3

Grand Theft Auto V

Title. This is the second time I’ve posted this here, and the fourth time I’ve posted it anywhere.

I am trying to get to GTA Online. All day I’ve been getting “TImed out while loading player data. Please return to GTA V”

Help. Please. This is game-breaking and nobody is being serious when trying to assist me.

Including closing any other programs/software/services you can in relation to razer/geforce

Mmkay, I’ll try this stuff out. Not the same topic, but it may work. Who knows. I’ll come back with results in a bit.

Also, the only thing that is open when I run GTA V is GTA V and Steam, because GTA takes up pretty much all of my CPU.

So, I think it might be a rendering issue of some sort. I tried to load singleplayer and it takes about 15-30 minutes to load it, and all that is loading is the strip club where trevor spawns, and it takes ages for anything else to render.

I don’t know what this is about. This was working fine 2 days ago.

“Are you running any razer software/services? Close them/stop them.
Geforce experience? Close it”

Logitech Mouse, Sades Headset, Logitech Controller and Xbox Controller. AMD GPU and CPU. Nothing is GeForce unless it is pre-installed on this computer, somehow.

“Any other audio software running? Close it”

Does my headset count?

Also, the only two programs I have running are GTA V and Steam, according to the task manager.

Also, if you want my laptop’s specs, there is no way in hell this thing is even suppossed to run GTA V, but I somehow got it to run at 15-30 FPS.

I found a few 50-50 chance ways around all of this.

1. Go into story mode. Instead of going straight to online, choose character. It loads player data right there. Sometimes this leads into “Timed out loading Session”,
2. Join a friend via steam. Have a friend invite me to their game. This sometimes works,
3. Go into story mode via Play GTA and then on the menu go to either Stunt Races or Online. When this works, it will sometimes load after 5 minutes then take about 20 minutes to render everything. Everything looks like flying pedestrians without cars flying between lamp posts an occassional small foliage.

All of those are really less than 50-50, but they do occassionally work. I just have to keep trying and dabbling around.

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