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    FK Vitebsk – Shakhtyor Soligorsk

    Belarus 1-Premier League

    FK Vitebsk +0.5 Asian Handicap
    Full Time 2.3 $10 +13

    0-0 (0-0) 08.05.20

    FK Slutsk – Energetik-BGU

    Belarus 1-Premier League

    Energetik-BGU 0.25 Asian Handicap
    Full Time 1.9 $10 +9

    1-2 (1-2) 03.05.20

    Lida – FC Slonim-2017

    Belarus 2-1. Division

    Under 2.25 Total Goals
    Full Time 2.1 $10 -10

    3-0 (1-0) 03.05.20

    Belshina Bobruisk – Dynamo Brest

    Belarus 1-Premier League

    Dynamo Brest -1 Asian Handicap
    Full Time 2 $10 +10

    0-3 (0-1) 02.05.20

    Lokomotiv Gomel – Naftan Novopolotsk

    Belarus 2-1. Division

    Lokomotiv Gomel -0.75 Asian Handicap
    Full Time 1.8 $10 -10

    3-3 (1-1) 02.05.20

    FC Minsk – Torpedo Zhodino

    Belarus 1-Premier League

    Over+2.25 Total Goals
    Full Time 2.2 $10 +12

    2-5 (1-4)

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