Top odds today

Top odds today

Blue Jackets are 15-2 (88.2%) in under bets in a home game where where the total is 5.5 for 13.1 total units won

Top Trends

Our Top Trends tool uses a comprehensive statistical database to analyze trends and make recommendations based on historical team data. Beyond just simple spreads and totals, this tool also offers top analysis for the moneyline, teaser, halftime, and run lines. The “unit” designation indicates how many betting units up (+) or down (-) a player would be had they wagered one unit on the given trend and team.

Why do you say to bet AGAINST a team instead of saying to bet ON their opponent?

When we analyze a trend for a team, it often has no bearing on their current opponent. If “Team A” statistically loses on the Moneyline when playing on Monday on the road, the trend is to bet AGAINST Team A. It doesn’t matter that they are playing “Team B”.

What does the number of units mean?

Units represent how many betting units a player would up (+) or down (-) if they had wagered 1 unit on the specified team and trend in every game applicable to the said trend. In games where the recommendation is to bet AGAINST a certain team, the units show as “minus” (-) since units are calculated as bets made ON that team in the given scenario. So as long as you’re betting AGAINST that team, a negative number is actually good.

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