Valencia fixed matches

LaLiga Football fixed matches Scandal : Valladolid vs Valencia fixed ?

Seven Vallodolid players are said to have accepted to lose the game against Valencia. According to the spanish media El Mundo, these players have accepted money in exchange of letting Valencia beat them…

LaLiga football fixed matches scandal : Valladolid vs Valencia fixed ?

In 2006, the Italian football scandal or Calciopoli, involved top serie A and B teams and some referees who arranged match outcomes. Today, it is the spanish LaLiga who is under another football scandal.

According to the spanish media El Mundo, seven Valladolid players have accepted money in order to help Valencia win the game. This game was indeed very important as a Valencia victory secured their place to next season’s champions league. El Mundo confirms the seven players where paid via a recently dismantled match fixing network.

Valencia is to win first and second halves, ok ? (…) No one should know it, you understand what it eans. No one“, said Carlos Aranda to a friend before the match according to Eurosport.

Valencia won the game with one goal in each halves. But, both goals were caused by direct errors from Valladolid players. The first following a lost ball of Kiko Olivas in the mid-field and the second through a pass from the goal keeper, Yoel intercepted by a player from Valencia. You can the match highlights here :

As you can see, both goals are very strange… Many former and current players were arrested on Mai 28 for their presumed link with the fixed match network.

If it is confirmed that the match was fixed, what will happen to Valencia ?

It will depend on the level of implication of Valencia. If they were aware of the transaction, they will be rulled out of the next Champions League. As Juventus in 2006, they may also be immediately relagated to the serie.

If Valladolid administration wasn’t aware and that only the seven players accused were involved, the club will not be sanctioned but the players will be. Whatever happens, corruption has nothing to do in football and in sports.

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