Walter football survivor pool

WalterFootball – Reader Features Gateway

Going forward the recommended way to connect to’s Reader Features such as the Mock Draft Builder (MDB) or our contests is through our Reader Features Gateway. If you haven’t yet gone through this gateway you’ll have 2 options:

  • Register a new account using an email and new password.
  • Connect via Google, Facebook or Twitter.

If you have an existing account through the forum, so long as the email matches, you will be able to tie to your old username and retain access to any content created under it. If not you’ll be able to choose a new username.

We will continue to support the Legacy Forum Gateway. This requires re-entering the same credentials you use to connect to the forum.

Reader Features Gateway – Access Reader Features with GMail, or, email and password.

Existing users, you will recover your content (mock drafts, comments, rants) if you register with the email address tied to your vBulletin account. We may also be able to recover your account regardless if you contact us.

Forum Gateway – Use your Forum Account to connect to our Reader Features.

We will continue to support this legacy gateway. Enter the same credentails used to connect to the forum to connect to Reader Features.

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