Week 10 nfl picks 2020

Week 10 NFL picks, predictions

The NFL schedule in Week 10 presents a handful of games that will be anything but difficult to watch, with some intriguing matchups highlighting the slate on Sunday and Monday. Yet, as usual, it includes some games that are difficult for picks and predictions.

Based on the opening lines for Week 10 at Sportsbook Review, six games opened with point spreads of four points of fewer. Those toss-ups, thankfully, are balanced by a handful of relatively easy picks; the Ravens, Saints and Colts opened as double-digit favorites over the Bengals, Falcons and Dolphins, respectively.

Between Seahawks vs. 49ers, Vikings vs. Cowboys, Rams vs. Steelers, Bills vs. Browns, Panthers vs. Packers and even Giants vs. Jets, Week 10 in the NFL is nothing if not intriguing. We hope it’ll be equally successful when it comes to predictions.

Here are our Week 10 NFL picks straight up, all the way through the Monday night game in San Francisco.

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