Week 14 fantasy predictions

Five Bold Predictions for Week 14

Hey, kids! If you’re going to make bold predictions, you’d better be ready to face the consequences when you get burned. Take a look:

�� so much for this prediction. Buddy a genius for that! https://t.co/IZrvro9LgU

This is a fair statement. What are you going to do? Own up to it.

I made a prediction about Allen last week. It blew up in my face. He called me on it. I answered. Big thanks to Allen, the Chargers organization, Danny Woodhead, Geno Smith, Melvin Gordon and everybody else for having a good time with this. The lesson here is this dumb guy can nail a pick or two. But, when I fail. I fail big.

Lamar Jackson scores more than Patrick Mahomes

This isn’t a knock on Mahomes. I really don’t anticipate walking around with a podium this week and offering an apology to Mahomes or anything like that. And certainly, don’t bench him. You’ve come this far with Mahomes and while I don’t think you should blindly start your studs no matter the matchup, I’m still confident enough in the Red Raider to get it done this week even in a tough matchup against the Ravens. I mean the dude has 43 total touchdowns this year. That’s more touchdowns than every team in the NFL, save the Saints and Rams. So I think he can do it here. In fact, since 2013, teams with the NFL’s leading touchdown thrower in Week 10-or-later are 6-0 in games against teams with a defense that ranks in the Top 5 in pass defense. So, wait. What was I saying? Yeah, Jackson will score more fantasy points than Mahomes this week. He’s scored 18.22 and 16.50 in the past two games. I’m giving him a projection of 20 this week. Mostly because the thoughts of saving Lamar and playing it safe go out the window when you’re playing for your playoff life and taking on the top seed.

Mark Andrews is the streaming option that you want

I’m not going to be ridiculous and say he’s going to be the TE1. I like my takes like I like my Southwest eggrolls — piping hot — but I do have to have some credibility. I’m just kidding, I lost my credibility a long time ago. It’s cool. But I will say that as somebody who has been forced to start Matt LaCosse, I’m placing some faith in Andrews this week in a matchup against the Chiefs who have allowed the most fantasy points to tight ends this year.

Amari Cooper will be the WR1

Speaking of dumb predictions about receivers, I certainly missed the boat with Amari Cooper. I thought the Cowboys paid too much for the receiver. But, I guess if you have to ask what it costs, then you can’t afford it. It’s like my friend who drives a loaded Tesla. I want to know how much he paid, but again, it’s rude to ask. As long as he’s happy, what are you going to do? Cooper has already torched the Eagles once this season (well, it was pretty good: 6 for 75 yards). Now he’s got a chance for the encore given that the Eagles have allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to receivers this year.

Aaron Rodgers will be the QB1

The relationship between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers has come to an end. They were like an old bickering couple that was making everybody around them uncomfortable. It’s obviously for the best. Though, the Packers should have had more class than the just leave that stuff out there on the lawn. But whatever. I know Rodgers wants to go out there and throw for 500 yards to prove to everybody that he was right and that it was McCarthy who held him back. Thankfully, he has the best possible matchup this week against the Falcons, who not only allow the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. They are a dome team coming up to play in the cold weather.

Adam Humphries will out-score Michael Thomas

Is this really a hot take? Humphries has been the Bucs leading receiver since Week 9 and seemingly gets a touchdown a week. But Ran,k are you sure? He’s had five in his last five games! Thank you, fictitious reader, I have conjured up in my mind to answer my own rhetorical question. But he had a pair of touchdowns against the Panthers a couple of weeks ago. Still, though. MikeT hasn’t been as good lately and most assume he’s going to be due for a bounce-back game. And it’s great to think something like that. But, once you think that, Dan Arnold ends up with a pair of touchdowns and you’re out of the playoffs. I’m not saying bench Thomas, either. I feel both dudes will play (and score) well.