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The Redskins, Dolphins, and Bengals — get used to seeing their opponents as the highest-picked teams in NFL survivor pools. That’s true again in Week 8 when the Vikings, Steelers, and Rams represent the top three most picked teams. But as the experts from TeamRankings always caution, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be your picks when factoring in your specific football pool’s rules and size.

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Last week’s survivor pick analysis

The five most popular choices last week all won, and as a result the public survived at a 98.5-percent rate for the week. That’s what happens when Buffalo and San Francisco make up nearly 90 percent of all public picks.

Depending on pool type and remaining size, our advice was spread across several teams, including some less popular choices. The Bills were still highly recommended in small pools that were nearing the end game and in standard rules pools. We also recommended the Packers and Bears to several entries, especially those with multiple entries and non-standard rules, such as late-season multi-pick weeks or season-win total tiebreakers.

The goal there was to preserve Buffalo and San Francisco for later use because both are likely to be among the safest options in Weeks 9 and 11 but will be less popular by then and thus provide higher value. That worked with the Packers picks but not the Bears. Primarily due to the Chicago loss, 70.2 percent of all our subscriber recommendations survived the week. Even with this result, in terms of overall survival rate, our subscriber recommendations across all pool types are still up on the public this season. About 19 percent of all public entries have survived to this point compared to around 22 percent for our recommendations.

The further silver lining is that the surviving entries for our subscribers are better positioned in the near future, on average, when it comes to having safer options in upcoming weeks. Those that used the Bills will have a tougher choice in Week 9 when the Jets will be a popular choice against the Dolphins.

Week 8 NFL Survivor Pool Pick Tips, Analysis

Week 8 features several double-digit favorites that provide reasonable safety in survivor pools. One, though, stands out as drawing the most public interest. We’ll explore all of that as we break down the most popular choices of Week 8.

Minnesota Vikings (vs. Washington)

Survival Pool Pick Popularity: 49%
Point Spread: -16

Minnesota has scored 108 points over the past three games. Washington has scored 24 total points during the same time frame. That’s a good illustration of where these two teams are and why the Vikings have the highest win odds of Week 8 (our models put them at 90 percent to win).

The Vikings are the most popular choice this week with their popularity pushing toward 50 percent early on. One thing you do have to consider is that they also have the highest future value (besides New England) of any of the likely options this week and are now tied for the fourth highest future value of any team (behind only the Patriots, 49ers, and Chiefs).

That’s especially important to consider if you already used Buffalo or San Francisco last week because Minnesota’s other highest win odds spot is in Week 11 against Denver at home when the 49ers and Bills are the other safest options.

Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Miami)

Survival Pool Pick Popularity: 23%
Point Spread: -14.5

The Steelers have the second-highest win odds this week, not far behind the Vikings, and could reasonably be considered part of the same safety tier. (The betting market implied odds have them at 88 percent while our models give them an 85-percent chance of winning).

Pittsburgh also has far lower future value than other options. If you don’t use them here, there’s no other obvious spot where they would be in consideration based on what we know now. For pools where season wins are a tiebreaker, they are also an attractive option, given that they are likely to finish with eight or fewer wins. You would have to place your faith in a team quarterbacked by Mason Rudolph, but then again, the opponent is the Dolphins, and the Steelers are coming in at half the popularity of Minnesota.

Los Angeles Rams (vs. Cincinnati in London)

Survival Pool Pick Popularity: 17%
Point Spread: -13

The Rams are also nearly as safe as Minnesota and Pittsburgh with win odds of around 83 percent. They are also much less popular than the Vikings and are a good way to diversify your entry. It’s a game on a neutral field in London, but that is accounted for in the spread.

The Rams do have decent future value, though that depends on your pool size. One of the most likely spots to use them in the future is in Week 17 (vs. Arizona) when most of the other higher win odds choices will likely be used up. If you are in the end game in a pool that is less likely to get to that point, the Rams are a consideration here as a pick that provides decent safety and potential diversification from other entries.

New Orleans Saints (vs. Arizona)

Survival Pool Pick Popularity: 4%
Point Spread: -9.5

The Saints could get Drew Brees (thumb) back at quarterback, but whether it’s him or Teddy Bridgewater, the Saints are a large favorite. Our current projected win odds put this one at 73 percent for New Orleans.

That is a bit lower than the safety of the top options. Considering that you would need multiple upsets (or a big one with Minnesota) to impact a large chunk of your pool, the Saints are a little less attractive as a contrarian play than they would be if they had this same profile in some other week. The Saints also look like an even better option in Week 10 after their bye, as they get the Falcons at home.

New England Patriots (vs. Cleveland Browns)

Survival Pool Pick Popularity: 1%
Point Spread: -13

The Patriots are usually going to be a high EV play, and this week is no exception. They have a similar safety profile to Minnesota, the Rams, and Steelers but are far less popular as most entries have used them.

If they are still available, though, you have to weigh whether this is the best week to use them, as they have the highest future value of any team and will be a great closing option in Weeks 15 (@ Bengals) to 17 (vs. Dolphins.

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The teams above are the most popular survivor picks of Week 8, but that doesn’t mean one of them is the best pick for you. Your best NFL Week 8 survivor pick is the one that offers the ideal balance of safety, pick popularity, and future value for your specific pool.

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